The Caribbean, the Greek Islands, the magic South Pacific: you can visit and live vicariously through the spellbinding tales presented by Magdalena Zschokke, a 12 year sailing veteran and Coast Guard licensed 100 Ton captain.

From Windswept, chapter 1:
When Mara emerged from the cabin for her watch, the half moon hung bright over the mast top. It blanketed the stars in the East while the Western horizon glowered and clouds obscured the boundary between water and air. Mara stretched luxuriously, feeling herself the center of the world bubble. Whitecaps sparkled in a wide silvery swath toward East-South-East like a solid carpet to a magic world where mermaids sang and women laughed. Mara remember the day Zoë made up the story about that fairy place. It had been early on, during one of their first trips together; the singing they had heard that day, however, had been the storm winds howling through the rigging.

A reader comments: “Adventure and mysteries, a world of sailing and high seas, exotic islands, fear, love and betrayal — these novels have it all. Based on real events, the locales are tangible and the characters three-dimensional in these page-turner novels whose main drawback is that they end too quickly.”

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