Magdalena Zschokke, born in Switzerland, escaped the landlocked existence by signing on as crew on a sailboat crossing the Pacific. 12 years, some 50,000 miles and a 100ton captain’s license later, she settled in Santa Cruz. A winner of the 1991 Astraea National Foundation’s Emerging Fiction Writers’ award, she has a Ph.D. from the University of California and is a full time fiction writer when she isn’t teaching classes or working as a life coach to pay the rent.

She has translated short stories and novels into English for Matthias Zschokke and Milena Moser as well as scripts for films and docudramas by R-Film GmbH. For purposes of a peaceful home life she teaches martial arts at Wave Man Martial Arts. Articles about her have appeared in the magazine Annabelle (October 99), Swiss Airline (October 2010) and Neujahrsblaetter 2001.