Diving the Wrecks, Fastpencil Press, 2012

Emma appears to have it all: a healthy family, friends, and a stable marriage, but she spends her days wishing herself far from Switzerland and her nights dreaming of adventure. When her father dies unexpectedly and nightmares begin to take over her life, she needs to either accept the truth of her memories or develop new strategies against her own mind in a race to oblivion she cannot afford to lose.

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Windswept, New Victoria Publishers, 1996

WindsweptAdventure sailing and exotic harbors are the locales for the lives and loves of the three women sailors and female captains in this tale of the high seas. Whether you dream of sailing the Greek Islands, the Caribbean or the wide-open Pacific, you will be right there, in romantic anchorages and deadly storms along with the women.

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Salt Rock Mysteries, New Victoria Publishers, 1998

Salt Rock MysteriesStudying history on a Caribbean island, Janet McMillan finds she’s falling in love with a woman for the first time. But paradise is shattered by a murder, blackmail, a drug delivery missed and a century-old scandal. Passing Women, the history of salt, sailing ships, and pirates vie for attention with Caribbean beauty and romance. A brilliant puzzle, Salt Rock Mysteries takes place in the Turks and Caicos Island and depicts an island community with its secrets and family skeletons. Vivid descriptions and three-dimensional characters make this book a Must Read. A German version of Salt Rock Mysteries is available through Kroesus Verlag, Zurich, 2000: Das Geheimnis des Salzfelsens.

Fulcrum, Authorhouse Publishers, 2001:

FulcrumLosing someone is never easy. Particularly, if the loss happens in the middle of the Pacific with questions of responsibility unsolved. Ex-captain Sue Fuller drowns the memory in alcohol and menial jobs on Molokai, Hawaii. Even that pathetic existence shatters when a former crew swears he has seen Clara, alive, and an ex-lover, Maggie, resurfaces asking for help. Before Sue can react Maggie is murdered. Sue emerges from self-pity to face the fact of having been manipulated and victimized by her own lust and bitterness to become an unwitting accessory to an international smuggling operation.

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Delayed Paradise, Orchard House Publishers, 2007

Delayed ParadiseSequel to Windswept (New Victoria Publishers, 1996), Delayed Paradise takes place in New Zealand. An adventure mystery, it tells the story of three women who have established their own charter business only to find themselves embroiled in deadly local politics. Their individual histories catch up with them in a fiery conflagration. The novel navigates the stormy waters of new attraction as well as the relational doldrums of habit. Sometimes, being off-shore in a hurricane would be preferable to facing the complications of relationships. Why can’t Mara live with Olivia if they say they love each other; or: what does love have to do with proximity? Or political and ethical beliefs, for that matter? At which point does pure sex turn to love and can anyone avoid the trap?

Maybe Tomorrow, Orchard House Publishers, 2007

Maybe TomorrowAn open-minded, small-town, eclectic community where everyone is liberal, tolerant, and in search of the “real” America. How does the town deal with the secrets and desires – in short, the baggage – the individuals have carried into this new world? How do race and sexuality crystallize a community under stress? Goddess worshippers, computer hackers, lesbians, and outed drag queens come together one Halloween in a fiery conflagration and no one escapes unscathed.

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My Beautiful Parasite, Fastpencil Press, 2010

My Beautiful ParasiteBarbara’s world is falling apart — her relationship is dissolving, her martial arts school is in uproar, and the characters in her book are refusing to conform to her theories. Laura’s arrival exacerbates the simmering tensions until everyone is confronted with their own weaknesses as well as unexpected strengths.

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