Magdalena Zschokke has been teaching creative writing at UCSC, through the Arts in Corrections program at Chowchilla, Soledad, and Salinas Valley State prisons, in alternative high schools, for cancer healing groups, and through the PEP program, as well as in independent courses for over 15 years. Ongoing groups are open to adults over 18.

As Epicurus (341-270 BCE) said, “The unconsidered life is hardly worth living.”

Depending on a group’s request, fiction writing courses focus on:

  • memoirs
  • short stories
  • novel writing
  • free writing
  • group exercises
  • narrative theory and praxis

If you’re interested in any all or of the above, give it a try: no memberships, no signup fees — the only commitment is the one you make to yourself.

“If you hang out with fiction long enough you begin to see its advantages over real life. In both fiction and life one spends an enormous amount of time trying to puzzle out why people do what they do. In life you can never be sure whether you’ve got it right and sometimes you can’t figure it out at all. In good fiction, though, you always discover the reasons people do what they do.” – John Leggett.

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